Social Media Management

No matter the industry, your clients and competitors are active on social platforms and you should be too. From starting up your social media accounts from scratch, to running your fully functioning social ads, we will get you noticed and we will keep you connected with the people that matter.

Fourteen Media Group - SM

Social Media isn’t just about selling your product. It’s about creating relationships with potential customers and getting them to notice your brand. We understand that this can be hard for those that have to put 100% into the day to day running of a business, but that’s where we come in. We look out for you and your brand. Not only do we deliver high quality content on your platforms, we ensure that your posts are relevant to your business. We also ensure your posts target the right customers to ensure they keep coming back to YOU.

Why should you use social media?

Social Media is essentially a “Digital Word Of Mouth” and people WILL talk about your product. It is imperative that you are involved in Social Media and that you are interacting as much as possible with your customers. By being engaging on social media you will generate new leads and create new customers. It is OUR job to help you with that. Our S.M. Management service will help your business stand out in the digital world.

Why use Fourteen Media Group?

You WILL find other media agencies. You WILL find other companies similar to ours offering the same services. But what you won’t find is the level of commitment that we put in to YOU and your brand. You will join the FMG Family and we will treat you just like that. We will ensure that you are not only getting the high quality services that we provide, you’re also getting the best possible customer service.

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